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Hungry for Music Feeds Underprivileged Children’s Need for Musical Expression

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of learning how to play an instrument, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience that feeling. This is something Jeff Campbell, the founder and director of Hungry for Music, believed wholeheartedly when he established the nonprofit in 1994. Based in Washington, D.C., Hungry for Music is a nonprofit that distributes free instruments to underprivileged children. Due to families’ economic hardships, the children receiving these instruments would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from musical expression. In 25 years of operation, Hungry for Music has given over 14,000 instruments to children in need, both in an

The Healing of Trauma Through Music: How a Nonprofit is Helping Survivors

Music has been acknowledged for centuries to be powerful enough to heal - and that is something Tamara Williams believed wholeheartedly from experience when she founded Music Beyond Measure. Based in Montclair, New Jersey, the nonprofit organization uses music to help survivors of trauma to process their emotions and heal. Williams is a jazz musician, and in 2009 she realized she had emotions and trauma related to sexual assault and domestic violence that she needed to acknowledge. She turned to counseling, and started writing and creating music to express how she felt. She looked for classes that were based in therapy through music and couldn’t find any, so she founded Music Beyond Measure

Non-Profit Foundation Nvak Helps Struggling Musicians in Overlooked Countries

Music is the world’s uniting language - it’s capable of bringing together people from all cultures, backgrounds, and corners of the world. The Nvak Foundation, a nonprofit music education program, puts this concept at the forefront of their mission. Founded in 2018 by Tamar Kaprelian in Armenia, Nvak supports young artists in areas typically forgotten by the majority of the music industry. Operated in Armenia, Israel, and Malawi, their community has grown to over 500 musicians. Kaprelian was inspired to found Nvak after she participated in the Eurovision international song competition. She stayed in Armenia for three months and connected with fellow young Armenian musicians, and realized how

Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, and More Donate to MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund for Music Industry Prof

MusiCares is an organization that provides a “safety net” for people working in the music industry. In the age of COVID-19, when live music is currently in a rut, having a safety net is imperative for musicians and those working in the industry - that’s what inspired MusiCares’ Coronavirus Relief Fund. MusiCares assists almost anyone you can think of who would have a hand in making music possible: bus drivers, lighting, tech, makeup, artists, songwriters, engineers - created by the Recording Academy, they include everybody who works in the industry. Their COVID-19 relief fund has been helping many, giving relief in terms of unemployment benefits, mental health resources, eviction resources,

Maeve Steele’s Coastline Virtual Tour Perfectly Combined Music and Philanthropy

Indie-pop artist Maeve Steele traveled the coast of California to perform live streams of her debut EP, Barefoot . But instead of selling tickets, she decided to raise money for various California-based nonprofits focused on hunger relief: SLO Food Bank, No Kid Hungry, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, and Second Harvest. The digital tour, while free for everyone, included links in the livestream’s description which she highly encouraged her viewers to donate to, calling it a “virtual tip jar.” Steele was inspired to use her art to help nonprofits based on the coast of California specifically because of her childhood growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. All four songs on her Barefoot EP

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