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Creates Awareness for Domestic Violence.



            With all of the positive buzz around Riley and her new album Collage, Riley has decided to utilize her star platform to raise awareness and provide support for a cause close to her heart: domestic violence. Teaming up with Bright Star International, Riley seeks to do everything she can to help those struggling with this terrible situation. As a start, she’ll be partnering with various domestic abuse charities to create real, positive change in the lives of domestic abuse victims.


Morgan Riley

            It’s been a long wait, but the day has finally come: country singer Morgan Riley’s debut album, “Collage,” has been released!

           The album features 12 original tracks, including hit single “Rowdy Shoutin’ Cowboys.” As the first country female dance rap song, the single’s been soaring up the charts, moving up 19 slots on the Music Row charts in only 2 weeks. Keep an eye out to watch “Collage” climb even faster!

A Midwest radio tour for the album has already begun. Tune in to your local stations to hear her chat about the album and what’s next for the budding artist!

           Along with the tour, Riley will also be out performing her new songs. The month of October features several performances across South Carolina. Check out for the latest tour dates.

            With all of the success of “Rowdy Shoutin’ Cowboys” and the new album, Riley and her team have decided to take a big step: submitting “Rowdy Shoutin' Cowboy” single and video for a Grammy! With the tough competition that comes with the prestigious Grammy Awards, it’s a huge testament to Riley’s talent that her song is in the running.

           "Collage" is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. To learn more about Morgan Riley and her charitable interests, visit For interviews, bookings, or additional information, contact Bright Star International.


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2014 Grammy Submissions


"Rowdy Shoutin’ Cowboys"

Morgan Riley





"Rowdy Shoutin’ Cowboys"

Frank Green & Morgan Riley (songwriters)

Morgan Riley (artist)


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