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Songs for Hope

Songs for Hope

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Pete Kennedy

Creates awareness, raises money & educates the public about Children's Charities along his tour route.

            Laying claim to more awards and nominations than you can count, country singer-songwriter Pete Kennedy is a music force to be reckoned with.

            With rugged good looks and an Irish accent to boot, Kennedy is sure to make the ladies swoon. An international sensation, his seamless infusion of Irish ballads with American country is quickly taking the music industry by storm. In addition to his signature music, he’s also seen success as a talented model and actor, most recently appearing in an episode of the hit television series “Nashville.”

            Kennedy describes his style as “intimate, laid-back, audience-engaging and audience-connecting.” Although he characterizes himself as rather shy, you wouldn’t know it from the way he connects with his audience onstage. With his deeply heart-felt lyrics culled from his life experiences, fans feel like they know him personally. It’s hard not to love his kind, down-to-earth personality.

            For all the country fans out there, Kennedy’s songs are sure to be instant favorites. After one listen to hits like “Love Like That” and “Yellow,” fans will be rushing to put his songs at the top of their playlists. The critiques agree, showering him with awards and nominations in the British Country Music Awards. Kennedy is the first artist in the history of the British Country Music Awards to be nominated 

in five categories, and he’s won BCMA Album of the Year twice already with his albums “The Nashville Sessions: Volume 1” and “The Nashville Sessions: Volume 2.” To top it all off, he was also the CMA featured artist during the 2013 CMA Festival.

            Hailing from Ireland, music has always been a major part of Kennedy’s life. He credits his grandparents as being the first to expose him to music, and for that he is truly grateful. After the tragic death of his father in a fire, music gave Kennedy the strength to release his grief and continue on despite the hardships. In keeping with his characteristic songwriting style, Kennedy poured his heart into his music, using it to make sense of everything he faced in his childhood.

            Performing and songwriting soon became a career for him as he worked to support his wife and two daughters. Playing in pubs all over Ireland, he soon branched out to the rest of the UK and even to Germany. Riding on all of his success, he and his cousin formed KEMC Records to record demos to send out. One demo landed in the hands of Lee Williams of CMR Nashville. Impressed, Williams booked Kennedy to perform at the International Artist Showcase before the 2011 CMA Awards, giving Kennedy just the momentum he needed to begin his music career in Nashville.

            Since that fateful day, Kennedy has been firmly establishing himself in the Nashville music scene. Performing in major cities across the U.S., he is gaining fans wherever he goes. His UK fan base continues to expand as well, his rapid shot to fame leading to him performing on two major tours with pop icon Neil Sedaka and the Stylistics. Drawn by his irresistible good looks, soulful songwriting, and mesmerizing vocals, fans are falling at his feet, begging for more.

            To keep up with all things Pete Kennedy and learn about his charitable interests, visit his website at For interviews, booking or additional information, please contact Bright Star International.


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