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Private Lives of Nashville Wives: 

Ana & Betty


Create awareness, raises money and educates the public about Breast Cancer

            Spicy Cuban American entrepreneurs and twin sisters Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo are living life to the fullest, and TNT’s new reality series “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” catches every pulse-pounding moment!

            “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” follows the lives of six successful, assertive women as they navigate the stormy waters of balancing family, friends, and their professional lives. As can be expected with a group of women as fiery as these six, especially twin sisters and entrepreneurs Ana and Betty, plenty of drama ensues as claws are drawn.

            Ana is a single mom with two children: Christian (21) and Gabriella (11), nicknamed Gigi. In 2004, letting her entrepreneurial bent shine, she founded her own glass and glazing construction business, Impact Window Systems (IWS). With her personality, business comes naturally. Extremely extroverted, Ana is never afraid to speak her mind.             

 “The key to my personality is freedom. I lack a mouth filter, discipline and order, and I can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things I regret later,” said Ana.

            Betty is married to Raul Malo, lead singer/founding member of the legendary country band, The Mavericks. They have three sons, Dino (18), Victor (17), and Max (13). In addition to balancing family, Betty is also a painter and designer. She is the founder and chief designer of Betty Badd Couture, a boutique that adds Cuban and rock-and-roll flair to one-of-a-kind celebrity accessories and clothing.

            Being twins, Ana and Betty have their own special dynamic. The two often clash, making sure there’s never a dull moment. There’s definitely a spirit of competition being the two siblings, as shown by Ana making sure to point out that she’s one minute older than Betty. But being older doesn’t mean she’s always the one calling the shots. Betty is quick to take the protective role when Ana’s extroversion gets her into trouble with men. And with Ana’s favorite “food” being men, there are plenty of chances for her to get in sticky situations! Betty doesn’t agree with Ana’s choice of men, and she’s not hesitant to let her know what she thinks of her latest beau.

            But it isn’t all light-hearted fun and games for the twins. With their high profile positions comes the responsibility to use their influence for good. Teaming up with Bright Star International, Ana and Betty are using their star power to bring awareness to and raise funds for breast cancer research. The fight for the cure is close to the two’s hearts, as their mother is a breast cancer survivor. This motivates them to give their all to the cause.

            If you’d like to learn more about Ana Fernandez, Betty Malo and “Private Lives of Nashville Wives,” visit their website at For interviews, booking or additional information, contact Bright Star International.

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