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Country Artist, Colton James Partners With Harvest 4 Heroes

With a tremendous goal of supporting past and present, wounded war Veterans, Harvest 4 Heroes is a project you’re going to want to get familiar with. It may not be the biggest or most well known project, but the work of Harvest 4 Heroes is extraordinary nonetheless and benefits countless veterans and their families.

In pursuit of allowing veterans to have some normalcy in their lives, this project is building a 15,000 square foot retreat in rural Norfolk, Virginia. The retreat will be specifically designed to meet the needs of our wounded veterans not only physically, but emotionally as well. The retreat is being built on 270 acres of farmland and woodland, allowing endless activities such as hunting, fishing, swimming, camping, and bonfires. Through these activities, veterans will be able to bond with their families in a safe environment.

In partnership with the Harvest 4 Heroes, country music artist Colton James has a cross country tour planned including appearances and performances, to support the project and local farmers. Accompanying him on the tour will be The Monsanto Company Brand Representatives. These performances are explicitly designed so that all Monsanto Dealers, Representatives and Growers can attend for free. In addition, local radio stations will be invited to attend and set up live remotes during Colton James’ performances.

If you want to help support our military men, women, and their families, you have the opportunity to purchase at least one or more cases of Colton James CD’s and merchandise. To support and learn more about the mission of Harvest 4 Heroes, please visit

Keep an eye out for the building process being aired on several episodes of Brian Gurry’s show “The American Builder.”

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