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Kenny Chesney Teams with ENGEL for a Good Cause

As we all know from his music, Kenny Chesney loves salt in the air and sand between his toes. Last summer, Chesney went from singing "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem" to visiting the first two No Shoes Reefs located in Jacksonville's St. John River, Florida. These reefs were man-made and designed to improve the quality of aquatic life. The funds for the reefs come from Chesney's partnership with Casta Del Mar Sunglasses and The Coastal Conservation Association/Building Conservation Trust.

This year, Chesney decided to continue giving to the under water world by teaming with ENGEL. Together they brought awareness to sea-life through tailgating. The CEO of ENGEL, Paul Kabalin, stated, "At ENGEL, we make high performance coolers and 12 volt refrigerators that allow ambulances to store life critical medication, but we also use that technology to keep a family's drinks and food cold and dry for an entire day. We take it all seriously, because we understand life is where you live it. For many of us, that means on boats and on the water. Like Kenny, we believe in protecting the ocean so it's here for future generations."

When discussing the partnership with ENGEL Chesney said, "This was a great was to up the No Shoes Nation tailgating game – and do some good for the No Shoes Reefs. If there's one thing I know about my fans: they work hard, they play hard, but they also care about the world they live in. This is a way for them to do it all together. To me, that makes tailgating even more awesome: make memories, make a difference."

Kenny Chesney's passion for the creatures in the sea is truly admirable. It's great to see celebrities use their platform to make a positive impact on the world. To contribute to the cause, order No Shoes Nation tailgate packs, coolers, and more at

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