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Taylor Swift donates $1 million to Louisiana flood relief efforts.

Taylor Swift has proved yet again that she is one of the most charitable celebrities in the industry. She recently donated $1 million to the flood relief efforts in Louisiana. The Blank Space star has a long history of lending her financial support to those in need.

In a statement, Taylor Swift said that she hopes her financial donation will help the state of Louisiana during this devastating time, of which has already claimed 11 lives. She said she feels a true connection to this beloved state because she began her smash hit 1989 World Tour there. Not only has she donated her financial support but she has also used her celebrity platform to encourage others to send love, prayers and support to the people of Louisiana.

Swift has been named the most charitable celeb for the fourth consecutive year as she topped’s annual Celebs Gone Good list. Among her donation to Louisiana flood relief efforts, she has also donated funds to many children stricken with cancer throughout the years.

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