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Diagnosed with Terminal ALS, Singer/Songwriter Bryan Wayne Releases His While You Wait Album

Diagnosed with terminal ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) last year, Nashville singer/songwriter Bryan Wayne released a 14-song album as a parting gift to his family, the ALS community and all of his friends within the music industry who continue to make his dreams come to life through this final, beautiful season.

In an interview about his touching story, Wayne said, "I made this record, because I knew with ALS that I'd lose my voice and I wanted my wife and boys, along with friends and family to hear me singing forever no matter what." He added, "So many people have asked me over the years when was I ever going to make a record of my own - well here it is!"

At the album release party, several co-writers of "While You Wait" including Ashely Gorley, Neil Thrasher, Bonnie Backer, Jason Blaine, Joanna Jannet, Big & Rich, and James Otto came together on stage as a special tribute to Wayne, whose voice had already been taken from him. It was a powerful evening that touched everyone involved. Wayne reflected by stating, "ALS has taken my ability to sing, so I was honored my friends and co-wreiters stepped in to perform. I was blown away to see so many people show up and lend their support. This industry has been good to my family and me, and I hope these songs inspire people for many years to come."

"While You Wait" can be found on all streaming platforms including Bryan Wayne's website at

A Gofundme account has also been set up by Brian's friends at

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