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Non-Profit Foundation Nvak Helps Struggling Musicians in Overlooked Countries

Music is the world’s uniting language - it’s capable of bringing together people from all cultures, backgrounds, and corners of the world. The Nvak Foundation, a nonprofit music education program, puts this concept at the forefront of their mission. Founded in 2018 by Tamar Kaprelian in Armenia, Nvak supports young artists in areas typically forgotten by the majority of the music industry. Operated in Armenia, Israel, and Malawi, their community has grown to over 500 musicians.

Kaprelian was inspired to found Nvak after she participated in the Eurovision international song competition. She stayed in Armenia for three months and connected with fellow young Armenian musicians, and realized how little resources they had - especially the women in the area. She wanted to help “change the landscape.”

To help these musicians, Nvak leads songwriting, producing, and music classes, business education, and mentorship programs. They advertise their 18-day summer intensives at local schools, social media, radio shows, and other channels and offer year-round education, as well. Students apply online, and while the non-profit is focused on women some programs do allow men. They donate instruments to communities where resources are hard to come by and release albums yearly with songs compiled from each country, and offer various performing opportunities.

Nvak was the first music industry nonprofit to partner with a major record label, Warner Music’s ADA. They’ve helped their musicians write and record over 150 songs and released them globally. In order to adapt to the challenges the Coronavirus pandemic has brought, they are working on a remote version of their summer intensive in Malawi with plans to initiate it in their other countries. Once the pandemic is over, Nvak plans to expand to even more countries which lack resources.

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