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Marshmello & Demi Lovato Partner With Hope For The Day For Suicide Prevention Month

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, Demi Lovato and Marshmello joined forces with non-profit organization Hope For The Day (HFTD) for the release of their newest single titled after the organization's motto, "OK Not to Be OK." The track featuring lyrics reassuring to all who have felt discouraged was released to bring awareness to the conversation surrounding mental health & prevention of suicide.

HFTD is a non-profit organization which works to empower and start conversations about mental health education, care, and suicide prevention. They work to bring hope to those contemplating suicide and offering outreach, education, and action in communities. They have resources for instantaneous information and support, offered in 17 different languages, and education programs to offer at local levels. Their programming helps individuals help each other in groups with broad subjects, and they have programs that focus on specific issues such as mental health within the veteran community as well as the food and beverage industry. They also feature a portrait and literary series called "The Light Project," which serves as a creative outlet for individuals who experience mental health challenges focusing on black and white photography.

The founder of HFTD, Johnny Boucher, was thrilled for the partnership with the artists. In a statement he said, "HFTD thrives when we collaborate with others, and what better than the two largest artists in the world to work with on a track to remind everyone that it's OK not to be OK?" The artists vowed to use their platforms to provide HFTD as a resource to uplift others and encourage conversations. The lyrics tell the feelings of hopeless, loss, and isolation - but reassure that it's okay to feel this way. While the song is primarily in honor of suicide prevention, the lyrics are just what everyone needed given the current atmosphere of our world. You can stream and download the song everywhere now, and learn about Hope For The Day and their mission here:

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