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Arizona Lindsey Honored with New York State Senate Proclamation

Senator Kevin Thomas honors country music singer/songwriter Arizona Lindsey with a New York State Senate Proclamation for her ongoing work as a mental health activist. As a strong advocate, Arizona Lindsey uses her platform to give a voice to trauma survivors and de-stigmatize mental health, both through her music and her public education work.

“One of the enduring lessons of our time is that community-minded individuals can make a tremendous difference,” says Senator Thomas. “That is why I am proud to recognize Arizona Lindsey for her outstanding service to our community as a mental health advocate, educator, and public figure. Arizona has made a measurable difference in countless lives through her efforts to de-stigmatize mental health, promote wellness, and empower others. I am incredibly grateful for her dedication, and proud to represent her in the New York State Senate."

Arizona Lindsey uses songwriting as an outlet for understanding and working through her own life traumas, as displayed in her upcoming album The Process, which features her latest single, “Anxiety”. Arizona holds nothing back from her fans, releasing exceptionally vulnerable music and even becoming a safe haven for those who are going through difficult times.


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