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Juice WLRD's Foundation Donates Instruments to His Former School

 Late rapper Juice WRLD's legacy continues to live on through his music, and his mother, Carmela Wallace, wanted to continue it through philanthropy. She created the Live Free 999 Foundation in his honor to help young people struggling with mental health, just as her son did - much of his music was written about his struggles, and many related to and were inspired by his words. Recently it was announced that the foundation would be donating instruments to his childhood school in Chicago Heights, Illinois. 

     The donation provided enough instruments to fulfill all of the band and orchestra's needs, in addition to providing beginning-level instruments for the preschool and early elementary students. The school's principal, Juice WRLD's former eighth grade teacher, stated that she was "immensely grateful" for the gift. "His spirit can very much be felt in the heartbeat of our school's mission and within the very walls and floors of the school's building itself," she wrote. She continued to say that the donation will enable the school to offer a "robust" music education for their students. 

     Live Free 999 is a fund under the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a 501c3 charitable nonprofit which partners with industry creatives who wish to create positive social change. Live Free's mission is to support programs that address addiction, anxiety, and depression, and those which help people find positive outlets to deal with their struggles - just as Juice WRLD did with his music. They strive towards normalizing the conversation surrounding mental health in underserved communities in particular, and his mother hopes that it will help others by providing education, prevention, and treatment for opioid and other forms of drug addictions. To learn more about the foundation and their mission, visit their website at


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