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Music industry professionals affected by the pandemic who are facing difficulties paying medical expenses for pets are getting help thanks to the Country Music Association’s new partnership with Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Fund at Waggle, the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with veterinary providers. As part of its ongoing Music Industry COVID Support (MICS) initiative, CMA will fund vet services and pet food supply for qualifying members of the broader music community with a cat or dog. Donate to the fund or apply for assistance here. In speaking about how the MuttNation Fund at Waggle was conceived, Lambert says, “I saw first-hand how challenging it was for my close friend and backup singer, Gwen [Sebastian], when her dog, Earl, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease - just after COVID halted our tour in March 2020. Luckily, Earl is fine now, but will require treatment for the rest of his life. Knowing there had to be many more people in the music world with pets that were experiencing similar difficulties is what prompted me to start the Fund last year. I am so grateful to CMA for their generous support – and thankful we’ll be able to help so many more people and their four-legged family members as our industry starts its long recovery from such a tough year.” Sebastian adds, “Finding out Earl was sick was really tough, and not knowing when we’d be able to start touring again added another layer of stress. So, when Miranda launched the MuttNation Fund based on Earl’s story, it was something that not only gave me great personal relief; I also knew how impactful it would be for so many others in the music industry. It makes such a huge difference to know there are people and organizations, like Miranda’s MuttNation, Waggle and CMA that care and are there to help when it’s really needed.” The ASPCA estimates 4.2 million pets will experience poverty within the next several months as a result of COVID-19. Data collected from a 2020 study published by Animals showed that 56% of pet owners said they were experiencing at least one difficulty, stressor, or con related to caring for and living with pets during COVID-19. As the premiere membership association for the Country Music industry, CMA is the leading voice representing all professionals making a living in Country Music globally, serving as a critical resource of information and providing a forum for industry leadership. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization extended its mission to support all music professionals within the business with its COVID-19 relief efforts, regardless of genre. Today’s announcement of CMA’s partnership with the MuttNation Fund through Waggle follows several previously announced nonprofit investments funded through CMA’s $3 million long-term COVID-19 commitment that began in early 2020. Additional nonprofit investments through the MICS initiative include Feeding America, Music Health Alliance, Musically Fed, MusiCares, Notes for Notes, Porter’s Call, The Store and Touring Professionals Alliance. Established as a portal for key resources in the categories of food supply, health and wellness, and career services, helps to connect industry professionals with appropriate nonprofit partners offering critical support. Those in need are encouraged to visit the website and utilize the new chatbot feature to learn more about specific resources available.

Miranda Lambert, Earl and Gwen Sebastian Photo Credit: Weston Hefflin

About the Country Music Association Founded in 1958, the Country Music Association is the first trade organization formed to promote a type of music. In 1961, CMA created the Country Music Hall of Fame to recognize artists and industry professionals with Country Music’s highest honor. Music industry professionals and companies from around the globe are members of CMA. The organization’s objectives are to serve as an educational and professional resource for the industry and advance the growth of Country Music around the world. This is accomplished through CMA’s core initiatives: the CMA Awards, which annually recognize outstanding achievement in the industry; CMA Fest, which benefits the CMA Foundation and music education and is taped for a network television special, “CMA Fest” and “CMA Country Christmas.” All of CMA’s television properties air on ABC. About MuttNation Foundation Founded by Miranda and her mom, Bev Lambert, in 2009, MuttNation is a donation-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote the adoption of shelter pets, advance spay & neuter and educate the public about the benefits of these actions. MuttNation also works with transport partners to assist and relocate animals under threat of euthanasia and during times of natural disaster. With a goal of finding a forever home for every shelter animal, MuttNation supports animal rescues across the country, hosts adoption events throughout the year, provides positive reinforcement for the shelter adoption experience, works to raise awareness for its causes and develops and implements initiatives to further its mission-driven goals. Read more at

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