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Payton Howie’s Pays Respect to Troops in “Freedom”

Payton Howie’s newest single “Freedom” acknowledges the sacrifices our military makes for us. She highlights the simplest freedoms we experience every day, and understands it’s all possible because of them. “Signed up, birthday 18 … head out overseas,” Howie croons, recognizing how some choose to give their all so young in the name of freedom. Aiming to honor the troops at a special time, “Freedom” arrives as we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day 2021. “I’m thankful for colors that don’t run, I’m proud of where I’m from,” Howie belts, proudly proclaiming her freedom is soaked in the colors of red, white, and blue.

An avid supporter of the military, Howie will also be part of the 2023 USO Tour, which teams up with entertainers to help boost morale among military members. Howie’s flames of dedication to them won’t be extinguished, and she makes sure everyone knows it with “Freedom.”

To connect with Payton, follow her on social media @paytonhowiemusic and visit her website at!

Watch the official music video now!


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