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Will Carter "Ocean" focus on Abuse.

Will Carter "Ocean"

The song “Ocean” was written for those who have been in abusive relationships. It addresses the fear and loneliness one struggles with in this situation. The feeling of not being able to talk to anyone else for fear of embarrassment or backlash from the abusive partner or “villain”. It is written from the perspective of the “savior” or knight in shining armor that comes to the rescue. By providing a haven for the victim, they can slowly begin to trust again and come out of their shell. The victim can eventually be made into an example for others struggling with a similar situation. Once the victim has learned to trust again, the new relationship can grow even stronger. Now as everyday problems we all deal with come up, they know they have someone they can lean on and count on to be there for support. The scars from the past are now a beautiful reminder of the mountains they have overcome and the stronger they are for them.

You can find more info about Will Carter at his website and listen to his whole catalogue at any of the digital service providers like Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.


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