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Free Eli Young Band concert awarded to U.S. military base for "Battle of the Bases" contest

The Eli Young Band is rewarding Camp Schwab Military Base with a free concert for winning the “Battle of the Bases” contest.

eli Young Band

The winning base had to eat more Pizza Hut wings than the other 29 participating bases in order to win the Eli Young Band concert provided by a partnership between the band, Pizza Hut and the Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES).

The winner, Camp Schwab Military Base, is in Okinawa, Japan. The band will be flying in for their concert on the base Nov. 1. Neighboring Okinawa bases are also being extended an invitation to attend the concert.

“We all have family in the armed forces, so we jumped at the opportunity to fly to Japan and perform for these men and women that sacrifice so much,” said the Eli Young Band in a statement.

Pizza Hut’s partnership with the AAFES extends beyond the contest. There are 30 Pizza Hut locations on military bases. Operated by the AAFES, the locations do not make a profit, instead reinvesting incomes to improve the lives of those serving at U.S. bases.

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