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HARDY & Lainey Wilson Open Society's Eyes To Dark Truths Of Domestic Violence

Powerful, dark country song and music video, “Wait In The Truck” by HARDY and Lainey Wilson tells the uncomfortable story society rarely tells. They are breaking society standards and shedding light on the darkness of domestic violence. Unfortunately, this happens way too often and is rarely shared, so HARDY and his co-writers wrote this traumatic yet beautiful ballad that resonates with many.

“Wait In The Truck '' tells the story of a man, HARDY, killing the abuser of a random woman he sees walking on the side of the road. The woman, Lainey Wilson, who is “bruised and broke from head to toe,” and he knew what he needed to do to ensure she would never get hurt again. HARDY picks up his Judge (revolver) from under his seat, tells the woman to "wait in the truck" and storms the abuser's house and shoots him without a second thought. He knew he would go to jail, but it was worth providing freedom that this poor woman never had. He sacrificed the rest of his life for this random stranger and she knew she would "never get hit again."

It has climbed its way up the Billboard Hot Country Song charts to number 7 and is currently number 23 on the Billboard Top 40.

This single is from HARDY’s newly released country rock album that is breaking country barriers. HARDY continues to push the standards of country music and is an upcoming singer/songwriter to keep an eye on.

Watch the powerful music video below!


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