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US Army Veteran John Michael Ferrari sings of a "Soldiers Promise"

NASHVILLE, TN - United States Army Veteran John Michael Ferrari has taken real life inspiration in his newest release, “Soldiers Prayer”, which is the title track of his latest EP. The absolutely raw and emotional track is a modern song that harkens back to classic country telling a beautiful story - one that inspires and moves the listener. 

Not shying away from honesty and the reality of life in military service, John Michael Ferrari rings into the chorus singing: “So raise the flag with pride and grace, I’ve seen the pain on the soldier’s face.” The song is written from an interesting perspective - a young, newlywed soldier who was killed in action sings to his beloved wife, whom he left behind, along with their unborn child. After a long life bravely raising their child alone, his wife has come to pass on, and the soldier sings to her to take her “home” with him. It’s a story laced in tragedy, but remains bittersweet with the promise of a long awaited reunion.

Being a US Army Veteran himself, John Michael Ferrari has the unique perspective of being able to draw upon personal experience in his masterful songwriting. The music video for “Soldiers Prayer” features photos of the artist from his time serving our country.

“Soldiers Prayer” is available on all streaming platforms. For more information, visit .


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