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OneStopCountry and The Nashville Food Project Campaign

We are thrilled to share that one of our favorite organizations, "One Stop Country," will be partnering with "The Nashville Food Project" for the month of February. At Bright Star, we love seeing local organizations giving back to the community, and that’s exactly what our friends at "One Stop Country" are doing.

"One Stop Country" is a site that’s equally as passionate about giving country fans a high quality, inside scoop, as it is about helping Nashville and its residents thrive. By pairing with "The Nashville Food Project," the two organizations can have a deep influence on the commonwealth.

"The Nashville Food Project" supports the community by growing organic food, cooking donated and garden-grown food, and distributing meals from their food trucks with the goal of alleviating hunger in our city.

From February 1, 2016 through midnight (CST) February 29, 2016, "One Stop Country" will collect donations with 50% of all monies received in that time period being donated to "The Nashville Food Project" and 50% going to support "One Stop Country." On top of that generous contribution, "One Stop Country" will also make an additional donation to "The Nashville Food Project" of those received.

To check out the work done at "One Stop Country," visit

To make a donation to support "The Nashville Food Project" and "One Stop Country," please visit

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