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Hungry for Music Feeds Underprivileged Children’s Need for Musical Expression

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of learning how to play an instrument, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience that feeling. This is something Jeff Campbell, the founder and director of Hungry for Music, believed wholeheartedly when he established the nonprofit in 1994.

Based in Washington, D.C., Hungry for Music is a nonprofit that distributes free instruments to underprivileged children. Due to families’ economic hardships, the children receiving these instruments would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from musical expression.

In 25 years of operation, Hungry for Music has given over 14,000 instruments to children in need, both in and outside of the United States. These instruments come from donations - they accept donations of all kinds, whether the instruments are in great condition or heavily used. They keep the donations in a warehouse that was also donated to them, and evaluate the instruments as to whether they need repairs by volunteers or if they can go ahead and be given to a child.

Hungry for Music helps to bring a light into a child’s life, as well as supporting the parents of the child who otherwise would not be able to buy them an instrument. In addition to individual families, the organization helps to support local community programs, music teachers, and music program directors whose students need assistance getting an instrument.

In 2019, they gave over 1,200 instruments away. For 2020, their goal is 2,020 instruments, and plans are in the works to establish at least ten Hungry for Music chapters across

the country. To donate an instrument, or to request an instrument, visit their website here:

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