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Maren Morris Donates $70k to East Nashville Band Program

The ongoing pandemic has brought unexpected experiences for many - and in the back to school season, many extracurricular activities are starting the year differently. For East Nashville Magnet High School’s band program, their year began on a high note, thanks to country artist Maren Morris.

Morris started the HEROES fund in 2017 in order to support music education in public schools in middle Tennessee. Portions of proceeds from her live shows and other events fund the program. “With so much worry surrounding COVID, I wanted East Nashville Magnet High School to have one less worry for their fine arts department.” The program leaders were beyond grateful for her generosity. Program director William Jackson explained that he was expecting the typical donations received, a “few hundred bucks.” However, he was shocked to see the donation of $70,000.

“I express myself more through music than words,” Jackson said. “I was hoping we can get back soon and make something for (Morris) or maybe present a song to the foundation.” Jackson has to teach over 100 students online this semester, and said that her donation will help immensely with the expenses the program will have, including instruments, supplies, and tuxedos & gowns for the students to perform in.

The same week, Morris donated $10,000 for The Fox, a local Nashville bar among many local bars struggling to maintain their business during health regulations. You can learn more about her HEROES fund here:

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