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Andy Ross Shows Appreciation to the “All American Hearts” of Searcy Fire Dept

Following his visit to the KWCK station in Searcy, Arkansas, Andy Ross made a pit stop at the Searcy Fire Department with pizzas in hand and a guitar on his back. The country-rocker intended to show his appreciation for those who dedicate their careers to serving the community of Searcy by performing a couple of songs acoustically for the fire department.

One of the songs the singer/songwriter performed is “All American Heart” which exemplifies who Andy Ross is at his core: an America-loving patriot. Ross’s deep-rooted appreciation towards military, nurses, doctors and firefighters is exemplified in the single as Ross wrote the song for the heartbeat of America, the hard working men and women of this country.

Listen to "All American Heart" on YouTube below:

Andy Ross's endeavors extend far beyond music. He is also a bow-hunter, previously hosting his own TV show Maximum Archery, and CEO of American Rebel. Though the entrepreneur and entertainer has an undeniably stacked schedule, he still makes time to show his appreciation for our first responders and military. We look forward to seeing more fire station visits and more in the future!

For more information on the Searcy Fire Department, visit Additional information on Andy Ross and his music, company and more can be found at and on his social media @andyrossrebel.


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