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DJs Bicycle Online for Music Education in Developing Countries

 The pandemic has affected all genres of the music community globally, and the electronic music community specifically has found creative ways to bring their live concerts, festivals, and other parties online since March. Now, they've come together online to exercise for a good cause.

     Bridges For Music is a non-profit organization which supports music and learning in developing countries in order to make a positive impact in disadvantaged communities. They host a number of projects, the biggest of which is a yearly cycling event in which DJs, label representatives, executives, and other members of the music industry bicycle around Amsterdam to raise money for Bridges Academy, the school funded by Bridges For Music in Cape Town, South Africa. This year, however, they took the event online - participants stayed remote, cycling on stationary exercise bicycles and livestream on Beatport's Twitch channel from iconic nightclubs around the world, including Watergate in Berlin, Ministry of Sound in London, and the Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. The event took place on October 21st from 2-10pm CDT and participants included big-name DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Pan-Pot, Rebekah, and Themba. 

    Bridges Academy's goal for 2020 via the cycling event is to be able to sponsor 40 students through their holistic music and entrepreneurship program, in order to help them become "the next creative leaders in their communities." Bridges For Music hopes to be able to raise awareness of local issues through music - in their mission statement, they state the power they believe music has to "give back," and that power is never stronger than when people come together in the same direction. Electronic music is quickly growing in popularity and accessibility, and slowly the gap between differing socio-economic boundaries is closing. To find out more about Bridges for Music, visit their website below, and be sure to check out the Cycle for Music website as well. 


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