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Ricky Duran donates 50% of first week sales from new single "Waiting On You" to the AFSP

Ricky Duran is showing his support for National Suicide Prevention Month by releasing, "Waiting On You." He is bringing awareness to the effects that suicide has by sharing his own experience. In 2012, Ricky lost his father to suicide and gets vulnerable on how it impacted the lives of family and friends. In an interview, Ricky notes that "The song deals with the effects that suicide has on the family members and friends who are left after.”

His music video for the song released on September 20th and displays beautifully the songs intent. It exhibits the heartache that love ones experience and Ricky's struggle with the reality.

Ricky’s heart for advocating for others is clearly shown in all of his music. He continues to craft songs that are true to himself and his passion - no matter the level of vulnerability that it takes. “Waiting on you” is available on all major streaming services. To discover other music and more on Ricky, Check out his website at


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