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Warrior Writers Round Benefit for Veterans Hosted by J.T. Cooper

April 4, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Are you ready to experience an unforgettable show unlike anything you’ve ever seen? There’s nothing quite like a Warrior Rounds show. It’s patriotic. It’s fun. It’s full of real life heroes that you’ll not soon forget. Come and hear their stories, and you just might connect to your own. A night that honors America and those who have served. This event will include a songwriter round that tells the stories of veterans who have participated in our program. The night will consist of 3 hours of original music and 7 different Nashville songwriters! April 9th, 2022 7pm-10pm The Local: 110 28th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

Artist Line up:

  1. Bobby Boyd

  2. Phil O'Donnell

  3. Randy Finchem

  4. Gerald Smith

  5. Sal Gonzalez

  6. Jon Statham

  7. Gary Chapman

About J.T. Cooper: Warrior Rounds was founded by J.T. Cooper, a Blackhawk Down veteran, who experienced PTSD when he returned home from combat. He credited music as a large contributor to his recovery, and he wanted to create a place where other veterans can experience the power of music in their lives. He quickly became an advocate for military based charities and organizations. Cooper’s country music career also introduced him to many talented Nashville songwriters that became his friend. It only became natural to combine his passion to help his fellow veterans with his network of talented musicians. In 2018, Warrior Rounds was born and has already helped near 50 veterans tell their story.


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