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Sunny Sweeney restores faith in humanity with picture of soldier

Bad days - we've all had them. Even country stars like Sunny Sweeney can't escape them. But it's the way we respond to those bad days that show our true character.

sunny sweeney soldier michael barth

Sweeney was supposed to be taking a simple flight to Seattle, but that simple flight soon became a lot more complicated as a series of cancelled flights turned the short trip into a frustrating 16-hour day.

Most of us would have given up by this point, but Sweeney still had her eyes open. This gave her the opportunity of witnessing an event that would drastically brighten her day: a random bystander going out of his way to approach a soldier, thank him for his service, and then pray for the soldier's safety.

"I started crying of course just watching this nice end to a crappy day unfold on my 16 hour cross country flight, but Americans never cease to amaze me. Beautiful," Sweeney posted on Facebook.

She posted a picture of the event on Facebook, hoping it would find its way back to the soldier. The soldier, Michael Barth, eventually did find the picture and thanked her profusely on Facebook.

"It was awesome that you took this picture! I honestly [am] a huge country music fan! I didn't realize who you were! I'll always remember you as the really nice lady at the air port. And rite after I got home I told my family about it but I didn't know you were famous!! Haha anyway thank you for the picture I'll never forget it," posted Barth.

Since being posted October 5, the post has been shared more than 800,000 times and received over one million likes. You can read the post here. By: Alina Tichacek

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