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Song Review: Hudson Valley Releases Their Own Rendition of Old Dominion’s, 'Shut Me Up'

Hudson Valley, a female-fronted band local to Nashville released their own rendition of “Shut Me Up” - an Old Dominion single originally released in 2014. Hudson Valley recreated the track that flawlessly reflects the bands authentic mix of country & rock n roll. “This song is a cover but not many people know it because it is a deeper cut from their catalog” revealed the band.

Hudson Valley sent the newly remastered single to Old Dominion before releasing it and received a hopeful response. “We actually reach out to Old Dominion and they’ve heard it and gave us their blessing which is awesome!” “We sent it to Old Dominion before it was mastered and they said “it’s fire” so we’re pretty happy about that” revealed Sarah Owen.

The bands connection with “Shut Me Up” travels back to the formation of Hudson Valley. The song was a regular part of the bands live shows so much so that fans thought it was an original. “We’re big Old Dominion fans, and so many people thought it was an original of ours that we decided to cut our version of it in the studio when we weren’t out playing because of the pandemic.”

Find Hudson Valley Online:

Instagram: @OfficialHudsonValley

Facebook: @OfficialHudsonValley

Twitter: @_HudsonValley

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