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#GiveItAway with Kristian Bush and Goodwill Industries International

By: Alina Tichacek It's time to open up your hearts and #GiveItAway with Goodwill Industries International.


Goodwill is teaming up with country artist Kristian Bush to raise awareness and encourage donations of used clothing and goods.

Goodwill provides a number of services, including providing affordable clothing and goods, job training, employment placement, child care, financial education, youth mentoring and transportation. In the last year alone, 44 million mission services were provided by Goodwill, with 261,875 people finding employment through their help.

"Almost everyone knows someone who is struggling to make ends meet and unemployment in our country is still a problem," said Bush. "The simple act of giving away what you no longer need to Goodwill can help someone find a job. That’s pretty amazing to me.”

Join Goodwill and Bush and #GiveItAway to those struggling this holiday season. Like Bush sings in the song "Trailer Hitch," "I may not have that much but I don’t mind spreading it around." Spread some joy today and #GiveItAway.

Visit to learn more about the campaign.

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