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Bright Star Interview with Nikki Briar

Bright Star talked charity and philanthropy with country rock artist, Nikki Briar.

Bright Star - What Charitable cause are you passionate about?

Nikki Briar - I work with various charities and feel honored to work so many. I currently work with Heart Songs for Veteran's where my songs dedicated to vets gets donated to veteran charities, I work with the War Dog Association, TJ Martell Foundation, and other local charities within my community that raise funds for animals and people in need. For a few years during and after Hurricane Sandy, I toured NJ doing benefit concerts and raised over $10,000 for charities and organizations helping those trying to rebuild from the devastation and some was donated to Bon Jovi's Soul Foundation. I look forward to working with others in the near future and using music as a way to help those in need.

Bright Star - What was your inspiration for choosing that cause?

Nikki Briar - Working with animal rescues and raising money for rescue farms and shelters comes from being a huge animal lover and activist, my goal is to own my own rescue farm myself oneday. I enjoy performing for our vets and doing benefit concerts for them being a proud army wife it is very personal, especially seeing homeless vets in need and those in need of medical attention. I was proud to write a song called MAN'S BEST FRIEND for the War Dog Association and perform it in Atlantic City for the Pet Value Conference, the song will be released on itunes in the winter and the proceeds will be donated to the War Dog Association.

Bright Star - How was your experience working with that cause?

Nikki Briar - Putting a smile on people's faces and helping them escape reality for a short time is a heart warming experience and when we do shows where proceeds are donated, my band and I go above and beyond to promote and bring our friends and fans along to help the cause. I am always looking for other ways to help those in need and have had the honor to be asked to participate in many charitable events for local firefighters, animal shelters, and local Elks and American Legions.

Bright Star - Are there any other charities or causes that you hope to be involved with, one day?

Nikki Briar - I am always seeking other ways to get involved with charity, we are currently working on performing overseas for deployed soldiers and bringing them fun and entertainment.


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