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Country Cares

Each January, country music professionals, from the studio to the radio, show their support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, at a wonderful charity event known as “Country Cares.” To date, “Country Cares” has raised over $600 million for St. Jude through artists, as well as over 200 radio stations, greatly aiding their $2.1 million daily operation costs. Among this year’s attendees for “Country Cares,” was country artist Trace Adkins. As a donor and participant for this year’s gathering, Adkins spent his weekend learning about the cutting-edge technologies St. Jude is using to help identify, treat, and cure childhood cancers, across the United States. Trace and several other A-list country superstars finished off the weekend with a benefit concert/writer’s round to raise awareness for childhood cancer, and witnessed Nashville singer and actress Clare Bowen share her personal cancer-survival story. A truly heartwarming and extraordinarily beneficial event, “Country Cares” intends to carry on their yearly gathering for years to come, proving that country truly does care.

For more information about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as Country Cares, or to make a direct donation, visit and click “donate now.”

For more information about Trace Adkins as well as exclusive reviews, videos, and more regarding his newest single, “Jesus And Jones,” visit


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