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Charity Spotlight: TinySuperheroes

It’s true that some of the most meaningful business start small. TinySuperheroes started when

Robyn Rosenberger’s nephew was celebrating his 2nd birthday and she made him a superhero

cape. The capes became a hobby and Rosenberger started to make them for other people she

knew. One day something sparked and she realized that the capes she made for fun could

become something bigger. Swooping into action, Rosenberger started TinySuperheroes! In the

organization’s first year, over 4,000 capes were sent to all 50 states and 16 different countries.

The capes instantly transformed children with cancer, heart defects, epilepsy, rare diseases and

autism into the Superheroes that they truly are.

TinySuperheros has absolutely soared in the three years that the organization has been

bringing good to the world! Last month TinySuperheroes was awarded the Arch Grant. The Arch

Grant is a “nonprofit organization that accelerates economic development by providing $50,000

equity-free grants and pro bono support services to entrepreneurs who locate their early-stage

businesses in St. Louis.” Only nine companies were recipients of this round of grants, including


The impact TinySuperheroes has had on children all over the world is truly inspiring. Visit to read the stories of Super Kids or to become a superhero yourself by

buying a cape or making a donation.

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