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Scott Borchetta Empowers Music Education With his Music Has Value Program

The importance of music education is often overlooked - communities in both rural and urban communities often struggle to keep their non-profit music programs thriving. Scott Borchetta, founder and CEO of Big Machine Records in Nashville, Tennessee which serves as a home to some of Music City's biggest artists, has decided to give back in support of these types of programs.

Borchetta and his wife launched the Music Has Value fund in 2015 to support individuals who make and appreciate music. In celebration of Big Machine Records' 15th anniversary, he vowed to distribute $150,000 of aid through Music Has Value to 501c3 non-profit music schools and community organizations. The applications went live on the Music Has Value official website Thursday, and 15 awards of $10,000 will be given out. The applications seek stories of the projects applying, with detailed questions of demographics involved, tasks completed, a timeline of events, and other ways to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and how they would benefit from the grant. Borchetta encourages anyone elevating music education and using innovative creativity to promote and bring music to students of all ages to seek their support.

Borchetta's generosity has been prominent as of late - the Music Has Value project follows his donation with country artist Thomas Rhett after the release of his single "Be a Light," which proceeds went towards the MusiCares relief efforts for musicians struggling as a result of the global pandemic. He hopes to "empower" those receiving the grants via Music Has Value, so they will be able to use the grants for whatever they deem necessary for their programs. For more information or to apply for the grant, visit

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