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Hillary Reese Giving Back

Hillary has been profoundly impacted by the strong women in her life. She is far more driven and focused than most people her age, but at the core of her passion is the ability to utilize her voice, lyrics, and production to reach people in a meaningful manner. Holding true to the lessons of compassion, understanding, and empathy that have been instilled in her by the women in her life, she seeks out opportunities to utilize her growing platform and communicate positivity and hope. In 2019, she was selected as an ambassador to the SOS 4 Life organization and hopes to take part in the upcoming SOS 4 Life national tour. She has embraced the role and served as a spokesperson advocating for those with a limited voice. Hillary has been featured in pre-tour events and has developed a passion for the cause as a small way that she can give back. Despite balancing her time to be with family, continuing her education, and developing her career, Hillary actively seeks out opportunities to give back her time or share her music for non-profit organizations, especially those that focus on the improvement of society and the lives of the disenfranchised.

The S.O.S. 4 Life’s mission is to reach at-risk youth throughout the world and communicate a message of hope and inclusion for all while combating the current epidemic of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying & cyber-bullying, homicide and suicide. The Foundation hopes to reach specific individuals in need of mental health counseling and provide assistance with the goal: Save A Life. Learn More here:


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